4 Chic Ways To Style Your Scarf

Hello Ladies and Lad’s! I have finally purchased my first adult scarf and now I know what it means to be a woman ahaha Just kidding, but I do feel really chic. It was a beautiful gift from my mother, after she saw how enthusiastic I was after purchasing a new book  called, “The Art of the Scarf” by Lily Vanderploeg. The book teaches the reader multiple ways on tying a scarf with step by step instructions and illustrations.

I was so excited about the book, but I had no scarf to practice with. So my mom gifted me with a beautiful Echo silk scarf and I immediately started experimenting. finding out which  ones worked for me and which ones didn’t.

I couldn’t help but think how lovely it would be to write a post on my favorite styles, so in this post you will read about my top 4 favorite picks. From chic to casual. I’ve also added links of tutorials so if you like a style you can learn how to tie it too!

Note: There are many different ways to tie a scarf, so some of the tutorials are a bit different than how I did it, but in the end it looks the same.

  1. “The Biker”





2. “The Bag”





3. “The Road Trip”




4. “The Belt”





I hope you all enjoyed it and are contemplating on investing in a good quality scarf. These are just 4 ways to style one, but there are soooo many more. I can’t wait for my hair to grow out so I can start incorporating them into my hair do’s as well.

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to be the first one updated!

-Chiara xoxo

2 thoughts on “4 Chic Ways To Style Your Scarf

    1. Omg you totally need to get one! I didn’t know either until I got the book. You should definitely order a copy of that too ahaha thank you so much! 💋💋


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