Outfit Of The Day: San Pellegrino With Moon River

We’ve been in Italy for about a week now and it’s time to visit the mountains! A couple days ago we arrived to a little town called Olda. It’s a very small town with a population of 110 (including dogs and cats ahaha), located in Val Taleggio. Here we will spend about 10 days soaking up the mountain sun and breathing in some fresh air!

As you’re probably thinking, there isn’t much to do here. So, to get our social fix, Lucas and I went to visit the very humble town of San Pellegrino. I slipped into my super simple and elegant jumpsuit from moon river ,perfect for the occasion, and we went off on our adventure!

It’s only about a 20 minute drive down the steep, winding mountainside, so it’s always a pleasure to visit. Here they are known for their mineral water which falls from the tippy top of the mountains down into town. Years ago, people would travel from all over in order to soak in the water, thinking it had healing powers.

We grabbed some lunch at a beautiful restaurant called Café Liberty and once we were done, we took a stroll along the Brembo River in order to walk off some calories.

The water looked too refreshing not to touch it, so we walked down a flight of stairs in order to dip our feet in it. When I say cold…. It was freezing ahaha!

We relaxed a bit on the rocks and decided to snap some photos because it was just too lovely out not to!


Lucas picked a pretty flower for me… or weed, who knows? It was pretty! Ahaha and all together, it ended up being the perfect afternoon.


My favorite thing about it was that I didn’t have to worry about my outfit. You know sometimes you need to fix this, adjust that… all day long? I didn’t have to do that this time.


I was able to run around town comfortably, not having to worry about anything except enjoying myself with Lucas.


If you’ve ever been to Italy, or Europe for that matter, you would understand how important it is to look chic. But you would also know how important it is to be comfortable.

In my jumpsuit from moon river I achieved both. And may I add, I didn’t even wear a bra! Ahaha in my opinion it looks better without one so I ended up being even more comfortable than I thought I would be.

Talk about a dream day!

This is not an ad. I truly fell in love with this jumpsuit and I just wanted to spread the love! I can’t wait to purchase more clothing from Moon River and go on more adventures around Italy while wearing it.

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