First Day In Italy: Santa Margherita Ligure

Hello my Lady’s and Lads! So, yesterday and today has been a pretty busy and tiring two days. Yesterday Lucas and I left for Italy!

Ever since I was a baby, I travelled to a town called Santa Margherita every year, twice a year. It’s located in the north of Italy, right next to Portofino. My father is Italian and grew up in Milan, so going to Italy is second nature to me. Even though I still can’t get over the jet lag ahaha

For the last few years Lucas has been coming with me and this morning we finally arrived after our 8 hour flight.

We got home and hit the bed like a sack of bricks ahaha and slept for a good 4 hours. We woke up for dinner time, got dressed and headed out all fresh and rested.

We took a stroll in town before dinner, since it was a bit too early to eat, and got ourselves our first gelato of the summer season! Hehehe yes, before dinner. I chose dark chocolate and violet ย who knew a color would taste so good? ahaha and Lucas got dark chocolate and espresso semifreddo ice cream which is like a whipped ice cream


We began ย to stroll with our gelati in hand and we couldn’t resist snapping a few photos since the lighting was so lovely!








These photos were just a quick little photoshoot on the first night, I plan to snap many of the town so I can fully demonstrate the beauty of this quaint fisherman village.

I really want you to fall in love with it as I have.

Goodnight and stay tuned!


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