8 Reasons Why you Should Visit Your Local Bookstore More Often…Even If You Don’t Like Reading

Hey Lady’s and Lads! I hope you are all doing well 🙂

So, I’m leaving for Italy soon and, of course, I cannot leave without stocking up on some good reading material! I paid a visit yesterday to my local Barnes & Noble, and I realized that bookstores are completely underrated!

I purchased 4 beautiful books yesterday for the bargain price of $16. Some Barnes and Noble stores have a clearance section where you can look through thousands of books! Thankfully it’s well organized and sectioned off by genre because I would be there for hours ahaha


I love looking through books, finding great bargains and immersing myself into someones imagination and I want other people to get the same feeling as I do! So, I complied a list of reasons why you should visit your local bookstore, even if you don’t like reading.

  1. It’s Quiet

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet then I highly suggest you visiting a bookstore. You don’t even need to open a book! Some bookstores have cafe’s in them where you can sit on your computer and just relax while getting a bite to eat.

2. There’s More Than Just Books

If you’re not into reading don’t fret! You can go for the magazines or go shopping. Most bookstores have lots of items you can purchase as gifts like mugs, board games and toys.

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3. Buy A Recipe Book!

Honestly, I never leave a bookstore without buying a recipe book ahaha There’s just something about them that moves my creative juices! It’s dangerous though because, let’s say I buy a cookie recipe book, no one is eating anything but cookies for a good two weeks ahaha

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4. Buy A Book As A Couple

It’s a cute date idea to go with your significant other, pick a book together and read it together. You can discuss each chapter like a mini book club and get to know your partner a little bit more!

5. Maybe You Can Find A Potential Mate

Okay, so this one is not meant to be weird, but if you’re looking for the type of girl or guy who is shy or quiet, you could possibly find them in a bookstore. If you’re not into the party girl/guy, most likely that’s where they will be. Don’t go stalking people now! I’m just saying ahaha

6. Get Inspired

Maybe you’ve been thinking about writing your own book? Go to get inspired. Visit each genre to see which one you can most relate to. If you’re not interested in writing maybe it could be a children’s picture book or a photography book.

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7. Learn To Love Books

If you don’t like reading then it’s probably because you haven’t found one that really excites you. Go with an open mind and take your time looking through everything. Read the description and if you like what it has to say, read the first couple of sentences of the first chapter. That will always give you a good feel of what you can look forward to from the author’s writing.

8.  Go To Take Photos

If you’ve read my previous points and you’re just not having it, go to the bookstore to take photos ahaha Bookstores are very photogenic because there is lots of color. Just be respectful of the people who are there for the peace.


Bonus: If you are an avid reader and are always looking for a fantastic historical fiction novel I HIGHLY recommend reading Kristin Hannah’s, ‘The Nightingale’. I read it last year and I’ve been thinking abut it everyday since. When I say addicting, I mean ADDICTING. Truly, the best book I have ever read. If anyone has every read her other books I would love to hear what you have to say about them!

Thank you for reading! I hope I have inspired you to pay a visit to your local bookstore and to keep an open mind about books, they aren’t as scary as they may seem!

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2 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why you Should Visit Your Local Bookstore More Often…Even If You Don’t Like Reading

  1. I LOVE bookstores! I always make it a habit to visit the local book store of any place that I visit! Unfortunately, the closest one to be in about half and hour away! I almost thought about going to school to open my own! I think you have inspired me to write a post about why books will never die to electronics. Or at least why they shouldn’t!


    1. Yes mine is that far too but it’s a must to go! I need books ahahaha they will always live. Sorry kindle. Books > kindle


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