The Beauty Of Film Photography: Common Mistakes That Look Pretty Snazzy

Hello Lady’s and Lads! As you know by now I’m very passionate about film photography and I would always choose it over digital photography any day.

It is particularly more expensive in comparison to digital photography because you need to get the photos produced, but I believe the results speak for themselves….even when the photos don’t turn out exactly how you expect.

Film photography does give me a bit of anxiety because when you take a photo, you cannot see how it turned out until you get them printed and more often than not (especially for Lucas and me since we really don’t know what we’re doing ahaha) they don’t turn out as expected.

However! Sometimes the mistakes are actually, very beautiful and they add even more character to the photo than you could ever get

The following photos are examples are film photo mishaps that actually look pretty cool!

opening up the back
opening up the back
I have no clue but looks pretty cool ahaha
Light leak
Light leak
Light leak
This one is my personal favorite because it’s like you’re looking inside of the camera. You can see two different photos here.

As you can see, Lucas and I have no clue what we’re doing, but these photos didn’t turn out so badly after all ahaha!

If you want you can learn from my mistakes or purposely make them if you like the effect 😀

Thanks for reading Loves!

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