What’s In my Summer Shopping Cart?!

Hello Lady’s and Lads! Finally, it’s summer and you know what that means….shopping!! Every year I do some spring cleaning and donate my clothes, but everyone one who has ever cleaned out their closet and drawers knows, it leaves a lot of empty space that you just HAVE to fill ahaha

So, today’s post is all about what is in my summer shopping cart.  I think from now on I’m going to do a post like this every season if you all enjoy it enough! Would love some feedback in the comments section :*

Just so you know, all of the looks of the season (and probably all the other seasons in the future ahaha) are from Asos. I’m a huge lover of Asos and I buy a high majority of my clothes there. Basically like all of them. So, if you haven’t bought from Asos before or have never heard of it I highly recommend giving it try!


  1.  Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Stripe Mom Short. $56


    2. Moon River Textured Stripe Button Jumpsuit. $106



    3. Missguided Faux Suede Pointed Block Heeled Shoes. $24



4. Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Square Neck Smock Top In Gingham. $64



5. Asos Design Talored Linen Culottes With Tie Waist. $40



6. South Beach Straw Boater Hat With Blush Ribbon. $16



7. Asos Design Wrap Top In Rib With Lace Trim In Gray Marl. $26



8. Asos Design Florina Embellished Mules. $45



9. Glamorous Tortoishell Oversized sunglasses. $13


10. Needle And Thread High Neck Layered Maxi Dress With Embroidery. $405 (This is one for my dreams ahaha and that’s the sale price!)


I hope you enjoyed! As you can see, I love things that have a vintage vibe. If you’re into all things vintage I highly recommend checking out thrift stores and vintage markets to find special items no one else can get.

Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to subscribe for more seasonal shopping inspiration!


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