10 Couples Reveal How They Knew Their Spouse Was “The One”

One thing that I’ve always loved was, well, love ahaha It’s such an interesting topic to talk about. I’m a particularly nosy person and I’m always asking people, “Have you ever been in love?” “What did it feel like?” “Who was your first love?” “Your first kiss?” “Are you married?”

Everyone has different experiences and stories to tell, so I decided to go around and ask married and/or engaged couples, “How exactly did you know your spouse/fiancee was, in fact, The One?”

The stories the following couples have opened up to me about, has given me hope for love and the future, and I can guarantee that they will give you hope as well. “The Notebook” kind of love doesn’t just exist in movies! Here is living proof:

Janita & Damon:


The first time we spent an evening alone, we weren’t officially dating yet. We sat outside around a bonfire at his place. I had a couple past “flings” that ended badly. I was honestly so used to guys being jerks. My husband sat next to me, hanging on to every word I said. The night ended, and he didn’t even go as far as trying to kiss me. He simply said goodnight and texted me first thing the next morning!

He used words such as beautiful, rather than hot or sexy.

He told me I had such a beautiful smile, and that was my favourite feature of his (my dad always told me growing up that I had a beautiful smile and that one day the man I married would truly appreciate it!) my husband is the only man to this date that has commented on my smile like that!

All of these things showed me that he was the one! By 3 months into our relationship we had already talked about moving in together and getting married 😊

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Nicola & Adam:


This is a really hard question to answer because there wasn’t one particular moment where I suddenly thought “He’s the one”. I’m one of those annoying people who, when someone asks me how I knew I wanted to marry my husband, simply responds “I just knew”. I honestly can’t explain it; I’d just never felt like that about anyone before. We’ve been married nearly seven years now and I couldn’t be happier.

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Rachelle & Trevor:

IMG_2174My husband and I met through friends and we became best friends. We both talked about how we loved each other, but I was young and wanted to have a real college experience by dating around. When I got to college, I spent two weeks meeting new people and something in me suddenly clicked: I found someone I loved, someone who respected me and worked well with me. Why would I throw that away simply to get the experience of dating around? I skyped him, told him how I felt and we immediately started planning our wedding. We’ve now been married for 5.5 years and are even better friends now!

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Kelsey & Luke:


I’m Kelsey and I run Life and The Great Outdoors blog. I met my now husband, Luke, when I was 15. We went to different schools but it was very quickly that I knew he was the “one”. Our first date was to go see ice age 2 in the cinema, not the greatest film but afterwards, we ended up talking for hours and going on our second date within 3 days. He would meet me after school as the months went on and walk me home before going home himself, such a gentlemen! I have been with him for 12 years now and got married in our 10th year. We have been through a lot over the years and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

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Sarah & Jay:


I think the moment I realized I couldn’t be without my husband was when I had a car crash at the age of 18. The car was on its side and the first person I thought to call whilst still in the car was him. Before my mum even! He makes me feel safe and protected and I think that was my moment. We’ve been together 6 years and got married 3 weeks ago! We’re only 23, but if you know you know.

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Hillary & Vikas: 


My husband and I met when we were 14 in high school. We immediately formed a very close friendship, but until we were both 24 (his birthday is the day after mine so we’d always celebrate together!), and I was finished with a long term relationship that finally fell apart -we hadn’t been anything but friends. We both had been in love with each other on and off through the years and still never did anything about it. When we finally decided to take the dive into a real relationship together, I think we both knew that this was the one we’d been waiting for. I never thought that dating my best friend would be as wonderful as it had turned out, and about three months into it, I had called him and just asked, “do you want to get married?”, and without hesitation he said yes. We were married Halloween of 2017, and our lives have been exactly what we’ve wanted since. In love with each other for going on 11 years now -I couldn’t ask for more.

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Lena & Chris:


I met my husband when I was in an abusive relationship. We started as friends and I slowly started noticing how unhealthy my relationship was just by the amazing things he’d do. We never crossed any boundaries while I was in my relationship. I could just tell how much better of a person he was by hanging out in our group of friends. When I ended my relationship we decided to give us a try and it failed. We were at two different places in our life – me in high school and him starting college. We didn’t talk for a year and a half after we broke up and I kept finding myself missing his presence and friendship. I knew he was the one when I realized how hurt I was that he was no longer in my life, even if just as a friend. I messaged him one day and the rest is history. We’ve been together almost 13 years and married 6.5 years. We’ve got 3 daughters and I could not be any happier than I am with him. He’s my rock, my strength, my shoulder to cry on.. he’s my everything.

Blog: Ourchaoticmess.com 

Demaris & Kevon:


I knew that he was the one when even when he annoyed me I didn’t want him to leave. I’m the type of person who can tire of people easily but I never grew tired of him. I never wanted our conversations to end, when we were together I would get lost in time. I just loved and still love being in his presence and i just couldn’t imagine him not being in my life. That’s when I knew I wanted to be with him forever.

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Katie & Dylan: 


When I was little, I used to ask my dad how he knew my mom was the one and he would respond, “I just realized I wanted to live my life with your mom more than I wanted to live without her.”

As I was dating my now husband I thought of this simple piece of wisdom and it applied more and more the longer we were together. When it came time for us to get engaged I realized it was easy for me to say yes because I knew I wanted to live my life with Dylan more than I wanted to live without him.

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Katelynn & Clayton:


My husband and I have a lot of unique similarities that bind us together. It started with a love of Bohemian beer. The moment I knew we would make it was on our second night out together when he fake proposed with the ring from a beer bottle.

I realize how awful this sounds, but we were 20 years old and it was really cute and funny. he didn’t remember it the next morning, but I don’t let him forget it

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Congratulations to all of these couples and anyone reading this that has found their own true love! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your lives with your best friend!

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11 thoughts on “10 Couples Reveal How They Knew Their Spouse Was “The One”

  1. Oh I LOVE this post! It has put such a soppy, big smile on my face! It’s so nice to hear about true love in a world that seems increasingly cynical. Hubby and I decided we were meant to be together when we realised that neither of us drank hot drinks! Hehe.

    And someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Congratulations! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush


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