My Secret To Big Sexy Hair! For Girls Who Have Fine Hair. Like Me!

My life has been a never ending search for products and techniques that can allow my hair to look…let’s say…. alive! I’ve never really had nice hair and I’ve always experimented with different kinds of curling irons, curlers, gels, foams, shampoos, etc. that could help me add some poof  to my forever flat hair.

I have that type of hair that becomes pin straight the second I comb out a curl. Ughh I know. It’s upsetting.

But! I have finally found the solution to my flat hair and I know this will  help bring  you volume if you have hair like mine. Enjoy!


  1. Wash hair
    • I like to start with a clean palette. I’m not really into hair products and I don’t use a shampoo that adds volume. As of now, I wash my hair with SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex shampoo and Conditioner and I’m really loving them. All of their products are free of a lot of harmful ingredients. You can buy them at Walmart, Harmons, Ulta, CVS, and basically any supermarket.
  2. Add product
    • I don’t really do anything fancy here either. After I wash my hair I comb it out and blow dry it a bit to get out the extra water, making it more dry than damp. I’ve noticed after many years that if I blow dry my hair a bit before putting product in, the results are much more effective. I use Not Your Mothers: Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter which I got at my local supermarket so I’m sure you wont have trouble finding it.

26E4E315-F853-43C0-BF87-8A6C699DDCC03. Blow Dry

  • Once the product is in, I blow dry away. I just flip my head over in different directions and blow dry with a small round brush. Pretty simple.

4. Get your curlers!

  1. For this look, I used velcro rollers. I bought a package of multiples sizes and used the SMALLEST ONE. The trick is to use the smallest size. This will give you the most volume and curls.


  • My secret to big sexy hair is to TEASE AND SPRAY each section of hair before rolling it. This also goes for when you use a curling iron. I start from the forehead and work my way back like a Mohawk, bobby pinning each one in place. Then I do the sides staring from the back of my head leading to my face. If you have bangs like me, roll them too. Roll everything! hahaha

4999B674-E4FC-4478-BA25-C1CEA798D1106. Spray again

  • Once all of my curlers are in I spray my whole head again. Hair spray is your friend.

7.  Relax.

  • I let them sit for a few hours or even sleep in them sometimes.

8. Take out

  • Once I feel like my rollers are ready to be taken out, I start from the back ones first and work my way forward. WARNING! Your hair will be gigantic! Don’t Panic! I brush out the curls and a little bit of the teased spots so I don’t look too ridiculous and that’s it! Congratulations, you are now officially a Charlie’s Angel!



Side Note: If you have hair like mine it will become flat again in just a few hours so enjoy it while it lasts ahaha

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5 thoughts on “My Secret To Big Sexy Hair! For Girls Who Have Fine Hair. Like Me!

    1. Yes! I’m telling you this works sooo well. You have to put small rollers though. That’s the key. Teasing and lots of hairspray. Even if you put your hair up after you’ll see a difference! Good luck!


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