#OOTD: 1950’s Inspired Junk Shop Hunting

About the Day: While getting dressed yesterday morning I kept in mind my motto, “Keeping Classy In Style.” I curled my hair, got all dressed up and headed out with Lucas to a place where we decided to take photos. Our idea was cut short when it started raining.

My hair got soaked and our destination no longer seemed appropriate for the day, so we headed back. While driving, I pointed to a sign that said “Saturday Junk Shop.”


Lucas made a dangerously last minute sharp turn into the parking lot and we immediately realized we hit gold.

No amount of editing can fix this photo ahaha

We had the best time rummaging through pieces of history, playing dress up and discovering new treasures.


I tied my, now pin straight, hair back and snapped some photos with some cool vintage finds.


The day didn’t turn out as expected and I got a bit discouraged about it, but you never know what the day will offer and it’s important to keep an open mind. Everything happens for a reason and I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday with my Love!


About the Outfit: I paired high rise gingham ruffle pants, with a simple black one shoulder sweater. I decided to add a little something extra by wearing sheer black pantyhose underneath the pants. I feel as though this gave the outfit a classier touch.  Then I wore patent leather Michael Kors penny loafer heels (I brought black flats just in case haha) and stuck on some cat eye glasses.


My outfit was inspired by the 1950’s and the junk shop helped a lot with my overall look!


Pants: Asos (only black left, unfortunately)

Top:  Storets

Glasses: Asos

Shoes: Bought a few years ago in Tj Maxx, but you can still find them around online like here  or here


I hope you enjoyed the outfit of the day and post! Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates.

Instagram: @Ladylikelavender

6 thoughts on “#OOTD: 1950’s Inspired Junk Shop Hunting

  1. Snazzy Pics!
    Thank God for filters! 😜😋
    You are right!
    It’s important to just go with the flow even if plans are changed. You never know what can come about!


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