The #1 Way To Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb…. (In A Good Way)!

Hey Lady’s! If you’re on your phone or computer in public right now look up. Take a look at everyone around you. Do you notice something odd?

Everyone looks the same.

Whether it be how guys have the same haircut (I know you know which one I’m talking about), how most girls around you are wearing leggings, or how everyone curses, nobody looks or acts unique anymore.

The question I want you to ponder is the following:

Do you look or act any differently? 

For the longest time I’ve always felt as though I was different from people, and it was only recently that I figured out why.

I purposefully do the exact opposite of what the crowd is doing. 

If the trend was to have long hair, I cut mine off.

If the trend was to wear bikinis, I wore one pieces because, yes, they are sexier.

If the trend was to wear a short dress for junior prom, I wore a long one. AND I went by myself.

If the trend was to curse, I kept my mouth shut.

If the trend was to sleep with as many people as possible, I kept my legs closed.

All my life I legitamately asked myself, “What can I do to make myself stand out?” And then I did it.

That’s what I want you to do.

When you’re put in a situation where you have the option to either follow the crowd or start your own journey I hope you choose the latter.

In a world where there are so many clones, be different and you’ll find yourself along the way.

Good Luck :*

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2 thoughts on “The #1 Way To Stand Out Like A Sore Thumb…. (In A Good Way)!

  1. I found it interesting how you said, “You will find yourself along the way.” You can really learn a lot about yourself, just by simply not joining the crowd. You put it well
    Ms. Lavender. 😁
    Keep it up!
    Your blog is looking great!
    It definitely stand out! 😜

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