A Poem For My Love

How many times
Must I say I Love him
For him to understand
How much I Love him?
Twice is two thousand
Too few
Adds up to
Two thousand and two.
And two thousand and two
Doesn’t really do justice
To the feelings he gives me
When he tickles my cheek
Against his….
When he leaves me with pure
Tender bliss.
Two thousand and two
Does no right to the feelings
When he dances with me
In the light…
Whether it be from the day
Or the night.
The sun and the moon
Bear whiteness to me
When he hums
In my ear the prose…
The words to
‘La Vien en Rose.’
How can two thousand and two
Be enough
When he makes me feel
Like Edith Piaf?!
It’s that kind of Love
That doesn’t make you worry
About death
Because you know you have
Eternity ahead.
Have you ever felt that kind of love?
It’s almost impossible to explain.
The fact that I’m even able to
Rhyme about it
Boggles my brain!
It’s the kind of love
That has an infinite
Amount of I love you’s
No matter how many times
You say it.
Your heart knows
You love him more….
I must start with one.
Only one “I Love you.”
One today,
One tomorrow,
And so on.
Eventually the
I Love you’s
Will accumulate
And as our days
Go by,
Our age will multiply.
We’ll see wrinkles
On our cheeks
And our bones will
become weak,
But our love will only
Grow stronger than
The day before
And he’ll still be the
Man that I had fallen for.
As bitter yet sweet as it is,
By the time we’ve lost our looks
We’ll have a whole library of books
Just on our “I Love You’s”…
So, here are the
Three little words
That mean so much.
I Love You.
And in the future
There will be more than
Two thousand and two.


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