If You Want Your Photos To Look Vintage…Try This!

This post is for those Lady’s out there in need of some camera advice and inspiration!

If you’ve been reading my past posts, you would know that I don’t have much experience, if any, with camera’s or photography in general. I bought a digital camera a few months ago only to be continuously disappointed by the outcome and the experience.

I went to best buy, looked at some cameras but wasn’t inspired. I even asked famous bloggers about what camera’s they use, which you can read here, but sadly they all seem so intimidating and so expensive.

Blessed as he is, Lucas happened to come across a film camera, so we decided to give it a shot! (Get it?…Shot! I’m so funny ahaha)

We went all around the mulberry bush, solely to find the film to put into the camera. Legit no one sells film anymore…except Walmart. Yes! We finally found it!

Next step, we watched countless videos on YouTube on how to put the film in correctly and how to use the camera.

Finally, as bloggers say, “Shooting day!”

So, here is the outcome of our first attempt at film photography! I hope you guys enjoy!IMG_9717IMG_9728287470C0-D7BE-41F7-A5F4-E98843C677D7IMG_9710CE1A9E35-24DD-4ED0-92F9-B0E6155FE143IMG_9706IMG_9732IMG_9733IMG_9716

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset



Honestly, I absolutely adore these photos. I think they have so much more character than photos taken digitally.

If you decide to purchase a film camera, understand that it’s an investment. The camera itself is not expensive like a digital camera (your parents probably have one lying around). However, one roll of film has about 25  photos on it. Once you have taken those photos, you need to get them produced which is about $10 a roll (If you can even find somewhere to produce them…that was an adventure in itself). Lucas and I travel about 45 minutes just to get them produced…and it’s not even for the same day! We then go back to pick them up a couple days later when we have time.

Once you take a photo, that’s it. You can’t see how the photo came out until you get them printed. It’s pretty suspenseful, I must admit 🙂

If you want clear, immediate, same-day photos I don’t suggest getting a film camera.

If you’re ready for an adventure…Do it! You won’t be disappointed.  Your photos will always look original and will always have that vintage touch.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions comment down below or if you’re experienced with film photography, I would greatly appreciate some advice as well! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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11 thoughts on “If You Want Your Photos To Look Vintage…Try This!

  1. Is the final outcome of the photos worth the annoyance of going to get the photos and not being able to see them straight away? Because I see how that could be a bit of a pain but I love those pictures! x


    1. I absolutely think so. The whole process is an experience that you don’t get with a digital camera. Plus the photos get printed and also put onto a USB. It’s nice to have printed photos for an album. The only thing that could be a real pain is finding a place that produces film. NO ONE does it anymore. But if you can find a place close by I highly recommend it 🙂

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  2. The pictures are amazing! Make me think of all our old photo albums before digital was an option. Remember the throwaway cameras that already had film in them? My mom would send us with them to field trips. I would end up with some crazy pictures. Awe memory lane…


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