How To Start Your Own Blog: What Other Bloggers Don’t Tell You

So, today’s post was inspired by one of my closest friends Dominique! We’ve been friends since Freshman year of high school, and continued to stay in touch even after we graduated. She recently came to me for help on starting a blog about healthy alternatives for the body: what to buy, where to get them, how to make them etc. Where should she even begin?

Throw back to freshman year of high school! ahaha Oh those filters. (Me in the mask, Dominique looking cute as ever!) This is one of the first photos we ever took together. Sorry girl I had to :’)

It thrilled me knowing she looked up to me for advice and it dawned on me that, most likely, other potential bloggers need the advice too!

Well, when I first researched about blogging before I started, a lot of articles said the same things. So, like most people probably did, I took their advice and began my journey!

Only to find out…It was harder than I thought.

Here is the REAL truth to blogging and how to make it easier for you:

  1. First things first, what will you blog about?

So many bloggers write about the same thing:  fashion, beauty, food, travel, lifestyle etc. these topics are so generalized and everyone is doing it. The first thing you must do is come up with a way to differentiate yourself from others. Let’s say you truly enjoy one of those topics I just listed, find a way to make it different. Find your niche and put your own spin on it!

For example, my blog is mainly about the topics listed above. However, I put my own touch on it (or trying too ahaha) by writing posts for girls wanting to become “Lady’s” (Yes, I know I spelled it wrong). Fashion, for Lady’s. Advice, for Lady’s. Lifestyle, for Lady’s.  I truly want to help girls grow into young Lady’s and that’s how I differentiate myself from others. Find your purpose, and you’ll stand out.

2. Think of a name

Think of a name that’s catchy and describes what kind of niche you will be in. Then think of a subtitle. For example, my name is “Ladylike Lavender” and my subtitle is “Keeping Classy In Style.” I call it a subtitle, but it may have a more official name lol.

3. Find a blog platform

A blog what? I know it can get confusing, especially when you know nothing about technology (Lol me). What this means is finding a place where you want to build your blog. Every article said to start using So I made an account and started my blog precisely there and I couldn’t be happier! WordPress allows you to come up with your domain name ( and choose how you want your site to look.

5. Make sure you have some money in the bank

Turns out you have to pay to have a blog. I paid $96 for one year ($8 a month) to have it up and running. There were three plans to choose from using wordpress and I chose the one in the middle. It’s a very good plan for beginner bloggers. I am happy with it, but I would like to upgrade in the future to be able to access all the features.

6.  Have patience

Every article I read said that, “It’ll take you 20 minutes to get your blog up and running!” Sure, it’ll run, but if you’re a beginner it’ll take you time to understand the lingo’s and how to make your blog look and function the way you want it to. It can really be a pain in the butt and could take a couple weeks to fully build if you’re a beginner.

7. Other social media

Don’t forget about your other social media outlets! If the purpose of your blog is to get your ideas out to as many people as possible then do just that!  Create an Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube AND EMAIL etc. using your domain name. For example, my email, Instagram and twitter are all under Ladylikelavender. Create these accounts in order to save them so no one else takes their name.

8. Relax! Don’t rush!

Before launching your blog publish content first. Why would you tell all your friends that you have a blog but there’s nothing on it? First, write at least 10 posts to entice people to want to come back or subscribe. And most importantly make sure your blog is functioning properly.

8.  Before writing…

I know it can get exciting to start writing because you have all of these thoughts you want to share with the world, but before writing take out a piece of paper….or open your notes app ahaha whichever one you prefer. Make a list of all the topics you want to write about and try to come up with even more topics by breaking down each one. You want to be able to stretch one post into as many as possible. A successful blogger knows how to stretch out a thought into multiple ones.

9. Search for a camers

If you’re planning on taking photos for your blog posts, look for a camera as soon as possible. I still haven’t launched my blog because I am still in the search for the perfect camera and I want to have everything in its place before telling people about my new hobby. Do your research and make sure you buy a camera that you feel comfortable with. Don’t rush into buying one…I did and I wasted money on a camera that continued to disappoint me.

10. Research other bloggers

What are other bloggers in your niche doing? Look up bloggers that write about the same topics as you and see what kind of feedback they get. What do their followers love to read about? If you find out what kind of posts people can’t get enough of then it allows you to start your blog on the rights foot!

Good luck to anyone who is a beginner blogger! You’ll do great if you just take it one step at a time. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact my by click the contact button at the top of the page or by DMing me on Instagram @Ladylikelavender

Thanks for reading Lady’s!



5 thoughts on “How To Start Your Own Blog: What Other Bloggers Don’t Tell You

  1. Everytime I wanted to blog so so bad, but the motivation used to disappear before I post a blog but reading your blog made me realize to be patience and go with the flow. Thankyou so much for the post which made me believe that i’m not only going to blog but also enjoy each and every steps I take during blogging. Thankyou😊


    1. Wow this has to be the nicest comment I have ever received on here! Thank You! It’s so important to go slow. When I first started Ladylike Lavender I posted everyday. I whiped out all of my ideas in a week ahaha then I slowed down and now I post once or twice a week. I didn’t realize how many little things you need to situate before even starting. One thing that I forgot to add is to buy a planner!! This is so important. If you have a place to organize your ideas and when to write and post them you’ll always be efficient. Thank so much for commenting! Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

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