10 Unique, Affordable And Romantic At-Home Date Ideas To Help You Two Bond!

So, you and your love both go to school and work full time, or maybe you’re parents who just want a break. You’re always running around and sometimes you just want to stay home and relax with your love, but you’re tired of doing the same old snuggle and a movie. Well, down below I created a list of at-home date ideas for couples to be able to bond in unique ways while in the comfort of your home….

  1. Create a meal with at-home ingredients

Sure, you can find a recipe online, buy the ingredients and cook together, but whats better than that?…. Cooking together without having any clue what you’re doing! It allows you to bond and work as a team while being creative. To spice this one up (pun very much intended haha), you can each create a bag of secret ingredients for the other person and see what kind of meal they can come up with.

2. Bake!

Baking is always a cute, romantic idea and perfect for after your cooking challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Build a pillow fort and watch a movie

Bring back your childhood by building a pillow fort together! They never go out of style and you can always upgrade them to be a bit more age appropriate. Build the fort around the couch, so it’s a it more comfortable than the floor, add some Christmas lights for a chic touch, blankets and snuggle the night away! Why do kids get to have all the fun?

4. Write a poem together

Writing a poem always turns the nighttime sweet. Just come up with your topic, first line, then for the rest, it’s okay to cheat.ย  If you’re having trouble finding words to rhyme I suggest using RhymeZone….ย It works every time ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Create a treasure hunt

I’ve never done this, but I feel like it could be really fun. If you’re reading this Lucas, take the hint haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can each hide one gift for each other somewhere in the house, on the property or even in a public area. Come up with clues, poems, hidden messages and/or riddles to help lead your love to their gift. This one takes a bit of time beforehand to prepare but it’s definitely worth it!

6. Bum night & movies

If you’re not married yet and don’t live together, tell him to come in his pj’s and enjoy the night doing any one of these activities like comfy bums!

7.ย  Guess that food…blindfolded

I’ve never done this one either, but I’ve always wanted to try it. Find some foods around the house that you know your love will eat (i.e., don’t give them something they’re allergic to or if they’re vegetarian don’t give them meat), make small samples, blindfold them, let them smell it first and try to guess, if they can’t guess after smelling it, then they have to eat it and guess again.

To make this one even more interesting, come up with a prize or bet, keep score with how many your love gets right or wrong, the one with the highest score wins!

8. Have him paint you

Buy some painting supplies such as, a canvas, brushes and his preferred type of paint at the your local craft store and have him paint you. Supplies aren’t too pricey, but if you want an extra bargain remember to ask the cashier for a coupon. No one ever asks them and they almost always say yes!ย  Make sure to pick a comfortable spot since you might be there a while. It’s okay if he’s not a good painter, it’s cute anyway.

9. Read a book out loud to each other

Being read to is one of those feelings everyone should experience. It’s like having your hair brushed. I don’t know what it is about listening to your love read aloud to you, but it’s really relaxing. Make sure you pick a book you both enjoy because then it could get boring if it’s about something uninteresting to you. Poetry is lovely too if you want a shorter option. It could be cute to buy a book filled with poetry about love and read aloud to each other while snuggling under your newly made fort haha.

10. Dance

Nothing is more romantic than a good slow dance. If you have a record player and some authentic vinyl’s than you already got it going on haha. If you don’t than that’s okay too! YouTube has original tunes as well.

My personal favorites to slow dance to are : Be My Baby by The Ronettes, In The Still Of The Night by Cole Porter ย (This one is truly beautiful if you sing it to your love), orย 503 by Hans Zimmer (A.K.A. the theme song from Angels and Demons) it has a bit of a creepy vibe but it’s very beautiful to slow dance to.

I hope you enjoyed these romantic yet affordable at-home date ideas…If you ended up using one of these ideas for your date I would love to hear how it went by commenting down below!

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Xoxoxo – Chiara

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