How To Become A Woman Of Value And Find A Man Worth Keeping

Sophia Loren once said, “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: Serving its purpose without obstructing the view.

What is the purpose of wearing a dress? Or any kind of clothing for that matter? It’s to be able to feel yourself as woman, to feel what makes a woman a woman. However, there comes a point when what you’re wearing can become… shall we say… not ladylike. I’m using that term more for political correctness, but the word I would really like to use is trashy. Ooops. Did that slip out? Oh well.

It’s when your outfit no longer becomes a barbed wire fence, but more like an open window. It’s when the thoughts of men change from, “Wow, I’d like to ask her out on a date” to something involving profanity. Sure, you can make the argument that you don’t care about what men think, but deep down you really do. And I for one would rather be cast in “The Notebook” than in “Mean Girls.”


This is when Sophia’s quote comes in. How we dress should show off our best assets, I mean what’s more feminist than being feminine? However, the trick is to not show them all off at the same time, and when you do show them off, in moderation.

When getting dressed in the morning, pick one asset and work with it. For example, today you feel like showing off your girls 😉 There are two ways you can do so: A ladylike way, and a not-so-ladylike way.

If you choose the latter, you can style your girls by wearing a low, stretchy tank top and a push up bra. Doesn’t require much imagination for the eye, gives off the wrong impression and everyone basically does that, so in the end you end up looking like everyone else. If you choose the former, a turtleneck is the best option. Not only is it sexy, but it’s modest at the same time, leaving the imagination running. And, honestly, how many females wear turtlenecks anymore? If you want to stick out like a sore thumb (in a good way), then that’s the way to go.

Unfortunately, a lot of girls believe that modesty is boring. That wearing a turtleneck won’t get you any attention from guys. That is 100% TRUE.

Wearing a turtleneck WON’T get you any attention from guys. Instead, you’ll get attention from men. Yes, men. Not guys. The two are different. Completely different species, but that’s for another post.


The way we dress gives us the ability to inspire guys. If we dress like prostitutes than we inspire them to treat us like prostitutes. If we dress like ladies, than we inspire them to treat us as such. In turn, they act like men. And if every female in the world dressed more like a lady, then we would have a lot of respectable men for our choosing and less dogs.

However, it involves more than our clothes. It’s in our language, the way we use our hands, our topics of conversation. We, as ladies have so much more power than we think, but we don’t use any of it to our advantage.

Long gone are the days when talking about important matters was attractive. When we didn’t curse every three words. When we didn’t keep a list of how may guys we slept with. When we didn’t twerk on cafeteria tables.

Yes, I have seen that happen.

Now we have entered this world of heightened promiscuity. This mentality of showing off everything you have all the time in order for guys to pay attention to you.

What women don’t realize is that when you have character, opinions, doubts, love, talents, abilities, fears, aspirations, goals…. your physical appearance really means nothing.

Everybody knows that one girl who isn’t particularly attractive, but has this aura about her that makes everybody want to be her friend. What makes her so charismatic? The truth is, since she isn’t physically attractive, she doesn’t think about her looks and, instead, uses that energy towards her personality.

There’s no reason you can’t exude that same energy.  I’m not saying leave the house looking like a bum, but by focusing less on if guys are looking at you all the time, you can concentrate on the soul that God has created for you.


Imagine if you could make a man lie awake at night, consumed by the thoughts of you. Not the image of you.

Imagine if you could make a man’s heart go pitter patter when he see’s you. Not think, “Mmmm. I’d lie to see that naked.”

Imagine if you were the reason to a man’s smile when he listened to a love song. Not when he listened to something explicit.

Imagine if you could make a man ask you to slow dance with you. Not grind.

Imagine if you could get a man to picture himself on his wedding night. Not his bachelor party.

Imagine if you could get a man to cry just by holding you. Not by laughing with his friends about how he’s getting away with how he’s treating you.

The Secret: Be a Lady.

It’s that simple.

Dress like a lady, act like a lady, talk like a lady, walk like a lady….Be a lady and you will be able to capture the hearts of men, not the eyes of guys.


3 thoughts on “How To Become A Woman Of Value And Find A Man Worth Keeping

  1. I really like this post. It certainly brings up how women are perceived by men in the way that they dress. I personally think that a woman should dress how they want, and not have to be worried by men’s (or guys) reactions to their clothing choices. However, unfortunately, we still live in a society where guys jump to conclusions and that since we wear short skirts or low cut tops we must be looking for a certain type of attention. Or ‘asking for it’.


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