Flying Tips For First Time Flyers

Honestly, traveling sucks. Unless you fly first class or are capable of falling asleep in an extremely uncomfortable position, traveling by air is just not one of those things that gives you pleasure, especially when you’re a first time flyer. As I type this, I’m sitting down at my gate sweating. Why do they make airports so big?! And somehow my gate is always the farthest one.

I’ve been traveling to and from Italy twice a year since I was born. not to mention connections or domestic flights. To say I know my way around an airport would be an understatement. I know the names of workers and have encountered the same stewardesses on flights. I’m not even kidding.  It wasn’t until I started this blog that I realized I can help others make their traveling experience more pleasant.  While traveling to Italy this Christmas I tried to pay attention to all the little details that make flying so unbearable and the little tweaks that could make it easier. So, below is a list of  rules of flying to remember and little tricks to make your flight more enjoyable!

1.Eat before you go

Whatever time your flight is make sure your stomach is full before arriving to the airport. There is food available, of course, in the airport but it can get expensive since it’s the only food around. not to mention airplane food is soooo bad. If you get fed at all. Depending on your destination and airline, they may or may not even offer a meal. So, make sure your tummy is full to the top just in case. If you have an allergy, intolerance or preference to a certain food you can pre-order a special meal when you’re in the process of buying your ticket.

2.Bring snacks!

You might not get fed but no one said you can’t bring your own food 😉 You can buy snacks at the airport but it’s super expensive. It’s best to buy them in advance and store them in your carry on.

3. Never, ever, ever put any valuables in a checked bag

A checked bag is a luggage that gets stored in the cargo compartment of the airplane. You will not be able to have access to this bag during the flight. Checked bags get touched by many hands before arriving to your destination and these hands may not be honest. I know so many people that open their bags when they arrive to their destination and something valuable went missing. Locks won’t help either because here is their secret to getting into your bag.  To be safe, don’t put anything worth anything in your checked bag. Keep those items in your carry on’s.

4. No liquids over 3 oz. are allowed

You want to bring your favorite lotion? Think again! Security will confiscate it if it’s over three ounces. Instead of risking it,  you can transfer your liquids into these three ounce travel size bottles. You can find them online, at your nearest Harmon’s Face Value, or, probably, in any supermarket. In addition, Harmon’s has a whole section just on travel size toiletries. Be careful, it can get addicting haha

5. Bring thick socks

Just in case you’re wearing flip flops or sandals, bring a pair of socks. Its nice to lounge around on an airplane and take your shoes off, but if you have no socks on it can get uncomfortable. Plus, no one wants to see your bare feet on their seat. Boom, bars hahaha. Here’s an incident that involved Clay Aiken and his wandering feet.  Bring socks and leave your feet to yourself. Thank you.

6. Prepare yourself

If it’s your first time flying read the safety manual. It’ll be located in the seat pocket in front of you. Lol I sound like a flight attendant. Anyway, It has pictures and instructions on what to do if something should happen. Every person should read this before the flight. You know, just in case.

7. What if you feel sick?

No worries. When I was young I would always get sick during the landing. It happens to a lot of people.  If you’re feeling a bit nauseated, you can find a paper or plastic bag in the pocket in front of you. It’s there in case you feel sick, not for gum. The worst thing that could happen to a nauseated person is not being able to open the bag specifically dedicated for them because someone thought it would be nice to spit their gum in it. Not a good experience. If you’re really feeling sick try looking out the window. I always used to do that when I wasn’t feeling well and it helped a lot.

8.  Book a window seat

Window seats are the best. Especially if it’s your first time flying. It’s fun to see the land beneath you. It really is an experience of a lifetime. In addition, you can lean your head on the wall to sleep, making the process more possible.

9. Don’t use the pillows

I don’t really know what the deal is with the pillows, but I can almost guarantee they reuse them. They are never wrapped and always have hair on them.

10. Don’t get pissy when you hear a baby crying

Flying is a very stressful experience and traveling with a child can only be more stressful. Almost always there will be a baby on board and it WILL cry. Don’t make faces at the parents of a crying baby, do not make snarky comments under your breath, and do not reprimand them. They are probably stressed out of their minds trying to calm down their child and they don’t need you to tell them what a bad job they’re doing. Instead, offer them some help like a tissue or a fun object their child can play with.  Help them out because you will probably be in their shoes one day and why not?  However, if a child is running around, being disruptive there is no harm in telling the parent to calm the child down. I would say 4 years old is the limit to disruptive children. Anything older than that…. it becomes everyone else’s issue. That goes for any child kicking your seat. I don’t care how old you are. Don’t kick it. It’s my seat and I paid for it and, yes, technically, my name is on it.

11. If you’re a travelling parent

If you’re worried your child will be disrupting on the flight make sure he/she hasn’t been sleeping beforehand. This will allow the child to be extremely tired during the flight.

11. Walk around

If you’re not able to sleep, walk around the plane. It’s good for you to get some exercise and you’d be surprised what kind of interesting people you can meet. Talk to the flight attendants. One time I hung out in the back with the flight attendants, asking them questions, making small talk, and we all just chilled there eating and laughing. Then, one of them gave me a first class beauty case with a whole bunch of little gadgets like, a sleeping mask and beauty products. Making friends with the staff will make your experience much more enjoyable and it’s so much better than sitting next to the hairy guy, snoring in your face.

12. Water and lotion are your friend

Hydration is key on planes. The airplane’s lack of humidity in the air makes it drier than the Sahara desert. Literally.  The best way to keep hydrated is to drink water and whip out that three ounce lotion I told you about before. Your body will thank you.


13.  If possible, book a first class ticket and forget everything I wrote

Oh my. First class is the best. I have only been so blessed to fly first class once.

It was. One of. The best. Experiences. Of. My. Life.

Before the flight they have a special lounge where you relax and wait for them to begin the boarding process. There’s food, comfy seats, magazines, peace and everyone is dressed so lovely and proper. once on the plane they begin to offer champagne or other drinks. The seats go all the way back and you actually use a real knife, fork and plate to eat. Not the plastic kind they give to those peasants in economy pshhh.

The flight attendants are super nice and funny. Yes! They have personalities. The most memorable part? The ice cream cart. They, legit, went around with an ice cream cart with different flavors and toppings. I will never forget that. Forever, cemented in my mind.

If you have the possibility to fly first class do it and forget everything I wrote before. Even the part about staying hydrated, The air is probably healthier in first class too. Everyone should experience first class at least once in their life. But I warn you, there’s no going back.

Here is a funny clip about flying first class from Madagascar 2.


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  1. You really make it seem so easy together with your presentation however I to find this topic to be really something that I feel I would by no means understand. It seems too complex and very wide for me. I’m looking ahead on your next put up, I’ll attempt to get the dangle of it!

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  2. You actually make it seem really easy along with your presentation however I to find this matter to be actually one thing that I believe I might by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely wide for me. I’m having a look forward on your next post, I’ll attempt to get the hold of it!

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